Reliable VoIP Protection

Network operators and telecommunications regulators rely on Bitek’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Network Protection Solutions to guide government telecommunications policy and legislation, protect networks from fraud and help recover tax revenues.

Continuous Monitoring

Bitek Solutions continuously monitor, analyse and filter telecommunications traffic to protect your country’s networks. With the ability to detect more than 100 protocols — including Skype, WhatsApp, Vonage and Facebook Messenger — Bitek Solutions leverage new technologies in network protection and combine Bitek’s Network Protection Architecture, telecommunications expertise and highly specialised investigative services to arm you with the information you need to identify and stop criminals, fraudsters and network abuse.


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Your Opportunities

Each of Bitek’s customers has different network challenges and strives to achieve diverse objectives and results. Here are some examples of the opportunities available to you as a Bitek customer.

  • Detect fraud and identify revenue losses

    • Monitor communications traffic on IP networks and report projected revenue losses
    •  Target criminals and illegal service providers to protect networks from abuse, fraud and criminality
    • Audit carriers’ voice and data traffic revenue reports, tax payments and USF contributions to protect against operator fraud
    • Measure data entering and leaving your country to support the auditing and enforcement of data-based billing measures
    • Remove unlicensed grey traffic to free up bandwidth and ease traffic congestion
  • Modernise regulatory and operational policymaking

    • Measure your network traffic to support regulatory policy-making decisions on voice and VoIP traffic management
    • Measure your network traffic to support regulatory policy-making decisions on voice and VoIP traffic management
  • Create new revenue streams

    •  Allow licensed white traffic and generate significant increases in taxation revenue and USF contributions
    • Make informed policy decisions on the use of telecom applications, licensed operators and service providers
  • Negotiate confidently using data-driven metrics

    • Establish accurate licensing agreements with carriers based on measured network usage and sophisticated traffic forecasting tools
    • Establish secure and measurable operating conditions that encourage international carriers to invest in your country’s telecommunications infrastructure
  • Stop criminality in its tracks

    • Protect networks by instantly filtering selected http(s) VoIP access across the entire network to block the transmission of illegal websites (radicalization, child abuse, fake news, etc.)
    • Provide forensic evidence to support legal actions against fraudsters and criminals

Bitek Solutions

With Bitek’s customised solutions, regulators have realised tangible benefits, including revenue recovery, generation of new revenue streams, operational efficiencies, enhanced national security and intelligence support for law enforcement agencies. Bitek offers a wide range of solutions to suit your business needs and constraints, ranging from fully managed services to hands-off turnkey operations, supported by comprehensive training packages that cover system/maintenance, network technology, fraud investigations and forensic analysis, in addition to specialised topics of your choice.

Regulatory Solutions

Bitek‘s regulatory solutions help regulators identify and prevent telecommunications fraud and protect telecommunications revenues, taxes and USF contributions. Regulators can audit carrier and ISP activity, perform forensic analysis, investigate suspicious network activity, cases of potential fraud and SIMbank activity, filter illegal websites and prevent illegal/bypass network traffic.

Network Security

Bitek’s security solutions protect networks from fraud and stop entities which are illegally using your national networks. Using these solutions, regulators can analyse and audit VoIP and OTT traffic and understand network topology to identify operators that are bypassing or hiding traffic.

Network Traffic Auditing & Revenue Assurance

With Bitek’s auditing solutions, regulators can identify discrepancies between operator’s actual and required payments and can produce consolidated revenue reports based on the source and type of traffic — SIP, OTT, VoIP, landlines, mobile, etc.  With these reports, regulators can perform historical analysis, identify shifts in the source of revenues and forecast future traffic patterns and trends.

Legislative Consultancy & Policy Support

In addition to our equipment-based solutions, Bitek offers expert advice, consultancy and training on network auditing, VoIP regulations and fraud management to help regulators form policy and draft new telecommunications legislation to address emerging communication methods/protocols (SIP, VoIP, OTT etc.).

Our Technology

We work hand-in-hand with you through all stages of your business change process, maintaining focus on the development and delivery of value. We focus on helping you:

  • Understand how prevailing market and technology trends will affect your business;
  • Identify the need for change and associated success criteria that will guide you through the change;
  • Predict how your business will be affected by your envisaged change;
  • Support the development of your business case with tried and tested decision support tools;
  • Characterize and develop solutions that meet your specific needs and budget constraints.

Guardian: A Network Protection System that analyses network traffic and IP packet behaviour to measure, audit and synthesize VoIP traffic to promote informed policies, legislation, and strategy.

Telecommunications Auditing and Billing System (TABS): A customizable web-based system that allows you to measure, analyse and report (land, mobile, and VoIP) traffic volumes and bill for use for all forms of telephony services.

Our Values

  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED: We are obsessed with your success and ensuring that you enjoy the best possible customer experience.
  • SOLUTION ORIENTED: We strive to understand your business needs and identify your specific challenges and we vow to deliver a solution that addresses these needs and challenges.
  • AGILE: Your organization must constantly adapt to changing business requirements, new threats and evolving technology environments and so must we! We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges.
  • ETHICAL: You trust us to maintain strict levels of confidentiality about your business and working practices. We never divulge any information that would jeopardise your business interests and we uphold the highest standards of data protection, legal compliance and redundancy to preserve the integrity and security of your data and business practices.
  • COLLABORATIVE: Our collaborative style of working with our customers through all stages of a business problem produces solutions that are targeted, focused and effective. Your success is our success.

About Bitek

Bitek specialises in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, providing telecommunications regulatory bodies with network protection solutions that identify fraud, help regulators recover tax revenues and guide government telecommunications policy and legislation. Powered by Bitek’s Network Protection Architecture, Bitek Solutions are highly customised to meet country-specific requirements. Each member of the Bitek team is a telecommunications expert whose mission is to build trusting, mutually beneficial business relationships with customers and suppliers to deliver the best solutions and customer experience.

Bitek is proud to be a highly active ICT Sector Member of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. We participate heavily in CTO’s activities, events and collective dialogue.

“Bitek has been a highly active member of CTO for several years and is a regular contributor to our events and activities. They have deep knowledge and experience in emerging communication methodologies and provide constant insight into the challenges that VoIP and OTTs are bringing to the telecommunications sector.”

—Gisa Purcell
Acting Secretary General, CTO


Email your CV or a letter of interest to

IPS Signature Researcher

3 Open Positions

We are always looking for reliable signature researchers who have previous experience. We have several opportunities available in the U.S. and Europe.

Technical Project Manager

1 Open Position

We are accepting submissions for a technically proficient PM who is willing to travel. We have an opening for a six-month to permanent role (based on performance). Ideally, candidates will have strong technical and political skills to manage relationships and deliver/review technical deployments.

Network Engineer

1 Open Position

We are looking for a network engineer to support an existing customer in the Caribbean. The candidate must possess diligent troubleshooting ability and have a flexible and patient management style. A telecommunication or military background is preferred. Full system training will be provided.

Investigations Researcher

1 Open Position

We constantly seek experienced forensic analysts to support our fraud investigation team in the battle against network crime and abuse. Candidates must have a deep understanding of network protocols, criminal behaviour and fraudulent methodologies. The candidate must be capable of conducting deep dive analysis of network traffic and identifying signs of potential fraud, criminality and network abuse.

Why Bitek?

  • Our team develops a close, collaborative relationship with you that lasts through all stages of problem definition, procurement, delivery and long-term support.
  • We combine our telecommunications expertise, network protection architecture, investigative skills and long-standing partnerships with niche suppliers to deliver a complete solution.
  • We offer flexible and fully customisable financing models that are designed to meet your budget constraints. These include zero outlay and self-financing projects.
  • We offer a variety of delivery models including turnkey operation, managed service, Design-Build-Operate, Build-Operate-Transfer and other Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models.
  • Our solutions monitor network traffic on a per-user/per-app basis, allowing you to target individual abusers, fraudsters and criminals.

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